Friday, May 25, 2012

A Higher Love

So, I watched a movie on Mary Magdalene the other day and it made me start thinking. A resounding theme throughout the movie was how she was always searching for something more. How, even the love of a man was not enough to fill that void in her life. She was a broken woman, inhabited by seven devils. It is easy for us to judge when we hear this about her, but we will never know exactly how she had gotten to such a low point in her life, we will never know all that she had no doubt gone through in her life, things some of us have possibly gone through in our lives. How truly amazing it must have been for her to meet Jesus, such a pure and holy man. Then, she did the only thing she felt worthy to do; fell at his feet and washed them with her tears. She lowered herself to do a task meant for slaves. He could have turned away from her in disgust as so many others doubtless had. He could have mocked her and condemned her sins in front of his friends. The things he could have said would have been true. He could have gossiped to everyone he knew about her past, but he didn’t. He didn’t voice her sins aloud for everyone to hear. Yet, I’m sure he could see every one of them. He did what many of us have a problem doing; he looked beyond the sinner and her sins, however great they may have been, and saw a hurting soul. Mary Magdalene had come to one the greatest realizations one can have-she realized her unworthiness and her need for a higher form of love; the love that can only come from God. I am blessed to know this love. J

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  1. Loved Mary .... Sang Alabaster Box tonight and thought about your post... :)