Friday, June 29, 2012

"Would you take the nails from his hands?"

Would you take the nails from his hands?
It seems that everytime I turn on the radio in my car (which I leave on K-love, our local Christian station) a song comes on that is somehow just what I need at that moment. It never fails to amaze me. This week the song that has really been speaking to me is "Would you take the place of this man?" by Jeremy Camp. I had heard this song before but had never truly envisioned the scene and asked myself what I would do if given the choice to take the place of Jesus. We all want to be quick to say, "Oh yes, I would take his place anyday!" But, have we ever really though about what this would entail? The beating that he recieved before he even got to the cross was enough to take the lives of many. Over and over the merciless Roman whip, made from shards of glass and twisted metal fell upon this innocent man's back. He had done nothing wrong yet was punished for healing the sick, raising the dead and preaching peace. The very son of God was reviled, spat on, beaten by Roman and Jewish soldiers. Then, he was shoved to the cross, naked and bloody, to have spikes driven through his hands and feet. He who was merciful, was shown no mercy. This man of peace was not even even left to die in peace, but was mocked and taunted as he hang there in agony. The pain he bore is something most of us cannot even began to imagine. Roman crucifixion remains to this day one of the most torturous of all deaths. Every breath was agonizing as he hung there for hours in the Judean sun, wounded, bleeding, and rejected. But worst of all was the pain of of his thoughts that his father had abandoned him and he didn't know why. Now, after that mental picture, ask yourself again,"Would you take the place of this man?""Would you take the nails from his hands?"~